Wine PartySo it wasn’t too long ago that I first moved into the city and got a job as a stock girl in a liquor store. This was a very different job for me at the time especially because I never really drink wine or much liquor in the first place. My thing was mostly beer and that was pretty much it. After working there for a few months a position opened up for an assistant manager which I decided to apply for as soon as possible. With my luck the interview went well and I ended up getting the job.

My New Job As Assistant Manager

Starting my new job as a assistant manager required me to learn about all the different Wines and Liquors that were available in our stock. It helped that I already had a good idea of what we carry, I just needed to learn more about what each type of liquor was. Not only that but I had to learn a lot about the different types of grapes and regions from which one was made and originated from.

I won’t lie, in the very beginning it was tough. There were so many different places that wine was made from that it was very hard to keep up. After a while I started to understand the difference between a Malbec, a Shiraz, a Merlot etc. And, could direct customers to different areas of the store based on what great they’re looking for.

After a while I even started to develop a habit of buying a bottle of wine a week just so that I could get a sample and understand firsthand what the customers were looking for. I even became one of those glass of wine a day types who posted the benefits of good circulation.

All in all, my experience going from absolutely zero knowledge to being able to recommend a wine for a customer has been amazing. Happy for the opportunity and would never trade my new-found knowledge for anything in the world.

Native Wines Event IdeasOne thing we love about our hobby is that we get to write about things that we enjoy. Hair extensions and wine are definitely two of those things and since we live in Edmonton we’re definitely starting to notice some competition with Alberta’s well-known beef. We all know that’s just a joke as the beef in Alberta can’t be matched. Although, some interesting events are potentially going to take place this summer if funding can be provided in time.

With the hair extensions Edmonton provides along with their known thirst for alcohol, we figured that an extension wine tasting event would only be suitable. Not only do you get to try out some of the finest grapes from across the world, but you also get to relax while you have your hair styled to profession. After every participant hair has been completed the final round of wine tasting products will be served and the event commenced with a review and commentary of the evening.

To conclude the night we intend on having a dinner and dance where all of the participants and organizers get to relax for an after-party and drink if they feel to.

We have made an attempt to reach out and collaborate with a few extension stylists within Edmonton Alberta however it can be a bit of a task. There many big names like The Extensionist and Hair Angels that aren’t always interested in collaborating with unknown event organizers. Even up-and-coming places may be interested but it’s still not a guarantee. We have reached out and sent a few letters and are just in the process of waiting to hear back to see if this can become a reality.

For more information on this or any other type of events that may be happening throughout Alberta, be sure to get in touch with us at our contact page.