Wine PartySo it wasn’t too long ago that I first moved into the city and got a job as a stock girl in a liquor store. This was a very different job for me at the time especially because I never really drink wine or much liquor in the first place. My thing was mostly beer and that was pretty much it. After working there for a few months a position opened up for an assistant manager which I decided to apply for as soon as possible. With my luck the interview went well and I ended up getting the job.

My New Job As Assistant Manager

Starting my new job as a assistant manager required me to learn about all the different Wines and Liquors that were available in our stock. It helped that I already had a good idea of what we carry, I just needed to learn more about what each type of liquor was. Not only that but I had to learn a lot about the different types of grapes and regions from which one was made and originated from.

I won’t lie, in the very beginning it was tough. There were so many different places that wine was made from that it was very hard to keep up. After a while I started to understand the difference between a Malbec, a Shiraz, a Merlot etc. And, could direct customers to different areas of the store based on what great they’re looking for.

After a while I even started to develop a habit of buying a bottle of wine a week just so that I could get a sample and understand firsthand what the customers were looking for. I even became one of those glass of wine a day types who posted the benefits of good circulation.

All in all, my experience going from absolutely zero knowledge to being able to recommend a wine for a customer has been amazing. Happy for the opportunity and would never trade my new-found knowledge for anything in the world.